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Healthy treats for cats and dogs – Pet podcast #30 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #30 features an interview with Dr. Lee a veterinarian in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona. In this interview we discuss giving dogs and cat treats. We talk about the ratio of treats to a healthy dog or cat food and we talk about some great treats in general. We also touch on the issue of food allergies and diseases where certain treats that are normally good, become terrible choices.

This week’s ‘Pawsitive pet news’ story is a story from the Rye and battle Observer in The U.K. where veterinary nurses are getting some appreciation through Veterinary Nurse Week.

Thanks to Mark Serra and Belinda from our pet bulletin board for their comments on our last pet podcast #29

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5 Responses to this Article, So Far

  1. Avatar Sandra says:

    That was great, thank you. I always worried about giving my 3 dogs some table food. Now I know that it’s mot a huge deal if they are eating good food and I watch the fat content.

  2. Avatar Diane K. Smith says:

    Is is okay to give cat treats to our dog?
    Thank you, in advance, for your help.

    Diane K. Smith

    answered by Marko
    No it is NOT okay, dogs should get dog treats only.

  3. Avatar kev dacorker says:

    hi, i woke up this morning with my cat coughing it had been sick just moments before, when i arrived my cat was sitting up with it’s mouth open with froth coming out constantly coughing, sneezing and passing wind. when the cat was sick it was just saliva, i was thinking the cat may have eating something it shouldn’t?? cat has now seemed to ease up coughing but not willing to eat or drink just after.

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