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6 diseases you can get from your pet – zoonosis – Pet podcast #36 – Interview with Dr. Lee

Pet podcast #36 features an interview with Dr. Lee a veterinarian in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona. In this interview we discuss 6 diseases that humans can get from their pets. The term for diseases that you can get from your pets is called zoonotic disease or zoonosis.

Links mentioned in this pet podcast:
The center for disease control (CDC) has great information on zoonotic disease. You can browse by disease or by the type of pet that you have.

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  1. Avatar Karen Fillmore says:

    Question on old cat feces in our attic. We are currently having heating and Air Conditioning installed in our home and have been told there is cat feces in the attic which has been there for over 20 yrs. It does not smell and is mixed in with insullation. Is it harmful at this time? Can it be left there or should it be removed? We have not had cats for over 20 years and now only have a dog. Thanks for your answer.

  2. Avatar Marko says:

    Personally, I’d remove it….whether it is harmful or not, you’d be better advised to ask a doctor.

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